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about Take ~ above Me

"Take top top Me" is ns song by Norwegian synthpop band A-ha, an initial released in 1984.

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Los original variation was produced by Tony Mansfield, y remixed by hombre Ratcliff. A nuevo version was created by alan Tarney for the group"s debut studio album searching High and Low (1985). Ns song combine synthpop with uno varied instrumentation that contains acoustic guitars, keyboards and drums. Los original "Take top top Me" was tape-recorded in mil novecientos ochenta y cuatro and the took dos versions and three releases lastly to graph in the United Kingdom, getting to number dos on los UK Singles graph in October 1985.

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No In los United estados in October 1985, ns song became the only A-ha song to top los Billboard warm 100, assisted by the wide exposure top top MTV that its innovative música video, command by Steve Barron. Ns video features ns band in ns live-action pencil-sketch sequence. The video won 6 awards and was nominated for two others at the mil novecientos ochenta y seis MTV Video musical Awards.more »

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We"re talk awayI don"t know whatI"m to say I"ll say it anywayToday"s another trabaja to uncover youShying awayI"ll be coming for her love, okay?Take top top me (take top top me)Take me ~ above (take on me)I"ll it is in goneIn a día or twoSo needless come sayOf odds and endsBut I"ll it is in stumbling awaySlowly learning that life is OKSay delaware meIt"s cuales better to be safe 보다 sorryTake on me (take top top me)Take me ~ above (take on me)I"ll it is in goneIn a trabaja or twoOh, the things that you say, yeahIs the life orJust to play my worries away?You"re all ns things I"ve got to rememberYou"re shying awayI"ll be coming for you anywayTake top top me (take ~ above me)Take me top top (take top top me)I"ll it is in goneIn a day(Take on me, take it on me)(Take me on, take on me)I"ll be gone (take ~ above me, take on me)In a day (take me on, take it on me)(Take ~ above me, take on me)(Take me on, take it on me)(Take ~ above me)

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a-ha A-ha (stylized a-ha; Norwegian pronunciation: <ˈɑːhɑ>) was un Norwegian pop band created in Oslo in 1982. Ns band was established by Morten Harket (vocals), Magne Furuholmen (keyboards), and Pål Waaktaar (guitars).

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The group initially rosa to fame during the mid-1980s delaware being uncovered by musician and producer hombre Ratcliff y had continued global success in ns 1990s and 2000s. An ext »