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Money Heist Theory: Tatiana y Alicia Are the Same Person un Money Heist pan theory suggests that Berlin"s ex-wife Tatiana and police investigator Alicia sierra are actually the same person.

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los striking similarity in between Berlin"s (Pedro Alonso) ex-wife Tatiana (Diana Gómez) and police investigator Alice vio (Najwa Nimri) in Netflix"s crime caper series Money Heist has actually led fans to theorize that they"re actually ns same person. Both characters were presented in Money Heist season 3: vio as the main police strategist during the bank of Spain heist, and Tatiana appearing in flashbacks come Berlin"s romance with her.

Beyond the two actresses having actually very ir a buscar faces, Tatiana and Alicia additionally both have la red hair that"s worn in uno style with bangs, additional highlighting ns resemblance. However, over there are other reasons to it is in on the lookout for surprise connections between characters in Money Heist. In ~ the end of season dos it was revealed that the Professor (Álvaro Morte) y Berlin are actually brothers, so that wouldn"t be surprising if there to be another huge reveal throughout the bank of Spain heist.

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Though Tatiana is only one of Berlin"s 5 ex-wives, she had actually a notable amount of build-up that has yet come be totally paid off. Berlin first introduces los Professor come his nuevo love by mirroring him a photograph that Tatiana. Then, in Money Heist season 3, illustration 6, the two space properly presented in un scene whereby Tatiana approaches the Professor and removes she hat y sunglasses, result (perhaps accidentally) in uno rather dramatic disclose of she having uno close same to Alicia. Later, delaware Berlin and Tatiana were celebrating their wedding, ns Professor scolded his brother for marrying who so young y in love, knowing that his condition would kill them early in their marriage. Together it transforms out, though, berlin outlived ns marriage; in Money Heist season uno he revealed that he had been married 5 times, and divorced five times.

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Money Heist certainly seemed come be interacting that Tatiana was crucial character, y the Professor expressed worry that - in knowing ns details of the heist plan - she could be a liability. However while that felt choose the show was setup Tatiana up to regreso in los modern day storyline, she has yet to appear outside of flashbacks. This is what led to fanes theorizing that perhaps they had already met her: that Alicia was actually uno slightly larger Tatiana. There"s even been speculation that Alicia is really pregnant con Berlin"s infant (though for that to it is in true, berlin would require to have actually secretly made it through being gunned down at the fin of Money Heist season 2).

Of course, there are a number the issues con this fan theory, starting with ns fact that los characters space played by dos different actresses y the flashbacks are just separated representar the modern storyline by ns few years. There"s also los fact that the Professor, who met Tatiana on numerous occasions and was also at her wedding to Berlin, doesn"t appear to identify Alicia. He would certainly obviously it is in alarmed to find that los lead negotiator occurred to be un person who was once married to his brother and knew what the plan for ns heist was. Similarly, Alicia has actually by all accounts been maintaining pace with los heist crew by outwitting them quite than demonstrating inside understanding of ns plan.

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Money Heist season 4 ended with the bank of Spain heist still in progress, so it"s possible that we"ll check out Tatiana return in ns present trabaja in season 5, to salary off the build-up in ns flashbacks. Yet given the this is a dando where ns crew of banco robbers dropped un shower that notes from a blimp simply to create uno diversion, los possibility of Tatiana marrying berlin as component of one undercover police operation and later acquiring cosmetic surgical treatment to adjust her confront can"t be completely written off either.