The black eyed peas, j balvin - ritmo

Spanglish musical is taking ns world by storm and J Balvin is at the forefront the this phenomenon. Ns Colombian singer has been collaborating con several English-speaking artists, including DJ Khaled, Dua Lipa, y Tyga, just to name a few. One of his most popular Spanglish song is "RITMO" featuring ns Black Eyed Peas, i m sorry earned them their first No. 1 on Billboard"s Dance/Electronic Digital Song sales (via Billboard). 

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"RITMO," which means ritmo in Spanish, is a new twist on ns Eurodance "90s hit "Rhythm of ns Night" by Italian grupo Corona. The new version combines futurist and Afro-infused reggaeton vibes con verses of los original track plus new additions in Spanish (via Songfacts). The hit is part of los soundtrack because that the 2020 film "Bad boys for Life," starring will Smith and Martin Lawrence. When Balvin y The black Eyed Peas" version has become widely popular, there"s also uno remix special Jaden smith in ns movie soundtrack. What"s behind ns lyrics that "RITMO"?

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The text of the Black Eyed Peas y J Balvin monitor "RITMO" do several pop culture references, consisting of one around Disney. By the end of his very first Spanish verse, Balvin says "Hakuna Matata qué Timón y Pumba" . Here he is referring to ns classic Disney hit "Hakuna Matata," which talks about living without worries. In the sense, Balvin is saying that he enjoys life without concentrating on problems, follow to Genius.

The song also features a generalizado joke amongst Spanish speakers. Trasero in 2014, a radio listener called los FM station fatal in los Dominican Republic questioning for ns song "¿Esas son Reebok o son Nike?" , follow to GQ. The course, ns radio hold was really puzzled by ns request because there"s no song con such a name. After thinking about ns title for uno bit, he played "Rhythm of the Night" y the listener evidenced that the was los song he was talk about.

If you sing "¿Esas ellos eran Reebok o ellos eran Nike?" come the ganar of "Rhythm of los Night," los phrases in reality sound similar. The incident go viral y it"s an ongoing joke in los Latino community. That"s why, it"s funny the J Balvin sings "No son ni Reebook ni estaban Nike" in his nuevo version of the "90s song.