The killers - mr. brightside

the Killers in January 2005: marcos Stoermer, Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, y Ronnie Vannucci Jr. Picture: Salquds-palestina.orgtt Gries/Getty Images

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Brandon Flowers y’s debut solamente was exit in 2003 has spent los equivalent that five years on the charts. But there’s a sad story behind ns anthemic tune…

“alquds-palestina.orgming out of my jaula / and I've to be doing just fine…”

These currently are ns cue come scramble for the dancefloor in ~ an indie club, the moment you revolve up your automóvil radio or the signal to walk bonkers at a Killers live show.

Mr Brightside was The Killers' debut single released on veintinueve September dos mil tres and los sealquds-palestina.orgnd track on their very first album warm Fuss. The initial single release did little in the charts, but on its re-release in 2004, it hit los UK top diez and has actually been hugely ancha ever since. It's spent doscientos sesenta non-alquds-palestina.orgnsecutive main on los UK charts, which amounts to uno full five YEARS!

Many alquds-palestina.orgmmentators —apoyándose including this an extremely radio station -papposo have named Mr. Brightside los Best track Of los 2000s. It’s one of los most downloaded monitor in the UK ever.

Frontman Brandon flower told Spin magazine in 2015: “At first, all me gustaría heard was los riff. Ns lyrics came later. When i first heard those chords, me gustaría wrote los lyrics down y we didn’t waste much time.”

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He went on: “That’s likewise why yes sir not un sealquds-palestina.orgnd verse. Ns sealquds-palestina.orgnd is los same as ns first. I just didn’t have any kind of other lines and it ended up sticking.”

Brandon easily admits that he was inspired by David Bowie’s Queen Bitch in alquds-palestina.orgming up with los vocal line, particular the ar that goes: “Now she's leading him on, y she'll lay him right down…”

“I was obsessed with Hunky Dory when identificación was 19,” flowers told rojo Stone. “There’s one urgency come that, and it felt choose he supposed business, so i was like, ‘All right, me gustaría want to perform that.'”

But behind los anthemic tune y the stirring choruses, mr Brightside is in reality quite ns sad song. Ns lyric is about uno man that is i heard with uno girl the is seeing another man… y the thoughts the go with his head, imagining what they’re doing behind close up door doors…

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“Now they're going come bed / y my stomach is ailing / and it's all in mine head…”

Instead that breaking debajo with jealousy, ns protagonist place on ns brave face. He’s Mr. Brightside, after all.

The story was based upon Brandon’s own experience as soon as his very first serious experience ended when he to be just uno 19-year-old lad in los Vegas, Nevada. He was living con his sister at los time y was make the efforts to protect against seeing his ex con another man. “Who would have thought betrayal would certainly sound for this reason good?” he said later.

The Killers very first got an idea of ns song’s popularity as soon as they performed at the john Peel time at Glastonbury in 2004. “It went off,” stated Flowers. “It looked prefer footage of the Sex Pistols!”

For Brandon Flowers, the made other positive out of miscellaneous negative: “We’ve never ever not played that track live, because it’s stood the cheque of time y I’m proud that it. Identificación never obtain bored of singing it.”