During a sequence in The último of Us part II, football player chase delaware Tommy, the brother the Joel from the an initial game. Normally, Tommy gets away through escaping through ns store y closing uno door behind him. However if you are rapid enough, you can slide in y kill Tommy, which provides it impossible to move forward.

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As highlighted by IGN, YouTuber Speclizer uncovered this weird bug uno few days ago y included the in uno video showcasing part of ns mistakes that appear in The último Of Us component II. 

To pull this off, you have to conveniently chase delaware Tommy while play as Abby during los “Seattle día 3” stage. If you’re maybe to captura him, ns Tommy NPC isn’t fairly sure what come do y just stares y aims in ~ Abby, but doesn’t hit back. He have the right to be killed, if friend beat and shoot that enough, causing a brutal death for the character. However, he’s not an alleged to die here, and doing so will certainly break los game, soft locking your progression unless girlfriend reset to the último checkpoint.

Games are difficult to make, for this reason it’s no surprising that ns bug favor this shipped. Despite it is amazing to keep in mind that this pest wasn’t nuevo to folks in ~ Naughty Dog. Jan “Gabby” Llanillo, that is los Senior QA at the Uncharted and Last that Us studio, stated on Twitter that she actually found this an insect during development. In fact, she discovered it plenty of times and reported it y was called it was fixed.

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She likewise explained in another tweet the she checked ns bug report database and confirmed that she reported this an insect at least 5 times.

“The main bug obtained passed around 15 times,” described Llanillo. “I had actually to compose a new one because los bug background got as well chaotic.”

Just one more example of just how messy and wild juego development deserve to get and how simple it is for silly, much less serious bugs prefer this to on slide into a huge, AAA vídeo game.

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Now that the bug has come to be well known, that entirely possible that cheeky Dog will certainly patch it y fix it. So if you’ve always wanted come brutally kill Tommy, you could want to slide under that door sooner fairly than later.

But nothing you see, this is really deliberate message by the juego about how terrible violence is and how violence eliminates all progress. *snorts much more cocaine*