The mamas & the papas - monday monday

The Mamas were due to represent Sweden at this year’s Eurovision Song contest in Rotterdam con their song “Move”.

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it’s gospel, it’s soulful, y it’s already hit ns top point out in los Swedish charts.

The Mamas – it is Loulou Lamotte, Ashley Haynes y Dinah Yonas Manna – were preferred to represent Sweden by victoria Melodifestivalen 2020, los country’s national selection show. It to be a tight finish, they beat Dotter’s “Bulletproof” by just one point.

Now, we’ve compiled 10 facts you require to know about ns Mamas. Let’s perform this!

Sweden in ~ Eurovision 2020: facts about the Mamas

1. They space an internacional trio

Not just Sweden can claim the Mamas as its own, for this reason can dos other countries: the USA y Eritrea. Ashley (32) is un Washington D.C. Native, while Malmö born Loulou (38) is of americano descent. Meanwhile, Stockholm’s Dinah (37) is proud of her Eritrean background.

2. There was un fourth Mama

The eagle-eyed among you will understand that there were originally 4 Mamas. Los group’s starting member paris Renita left in August 2019 to emphasis on her acabó work. Speaking to at Melodifestivalen, los three ladies evidenced that top top Paris’ departure, their monitoring asked if they want to find uno replacement. But all three responded in unison — “no, we’re good”! Loulou explains: “Because we’ve been working so intensely together, we gained to know each other. And having a nuevo member, after being for 6 months, i think it would certainly be difficult for the new member y it would be tough for us”. Over there are no plans for parís to regreso — “she is doing her thing”.

los Mamas' Mama paris Renita! ??? our founder, sister and fellow Mama has chosen come step abajo from the group delaware the upcoming loss tour with John, because of her own acabó assignments colliding with los Mamas’ calendar. Us will constantly cherish ns wonderful memories, experiences y shenanigans the four the us have had!??? We’re so grateful to have actually one último adventure together as we tour Scandinavia in October. Then los Mamas will continue on in los spirit the Mama P y we are an extremely much looking forward to our próximo chapter as a threesome! lot Love, los Mamas .?????????

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3. They came fifth at Eurovision 2019

Well, type of. Ns Mamas were ns backing singers because that the 2019 Swedish act, hombre Lundvik. Lock were very popular, so much so that ns act was regularly referred to together “John Lundvik and the Mamas”. Lock played un key duty in both los music y the staging of los song “Too Late because that Love”, i m sorry achieved uno top five end up on los scoreboard in tel Aviv.

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Ashley defines how the all happened — “We were just doing ns gig. We’re all profesional singers and singing background was something that i know i did professionally because that a long time. And for us it wasn’t in the plan for us to be uno group”. However, they operated so well together that they made decision to continue as uno group. “It was un match made in heaven”, states Dinah.

4. Loulou is alguna stranger come Melodifestivalen

Loulou showed up as un backing vocalist, alongside fellow Swedish star Oscar Zia, for rapper Behrang Miri’s “Jalla Dansa Sawa” (Come On y Dance Together) in ~ Melodifestivalen 2013. Unfortunately for ns dynamic trio, Behrang failure to qualify for ns grand final, losing el fin to Anton Ewald’s “Begging” in the Andra Chansen battles. Nonetheless, ns track was ns chart hit, peaking at four and staying inside the top cien for 14 weeks.

5. Ashley knows as soon as to take un gamble

During Melodifestivalen 2019, Ashley functioned at ns call center in Washington D.C. However, when her sociedad refused to provide her tiempo off to do at the grand final, she took a gamble, and quit her job! She called Aftonbladet: “I refuse to miss out on this opportunity”. The gamble definitely paid off, together Ashley currently lives in Sweden, working full-time as ns singer.

6. They love Disney

So much so, that the Mamas’ first soltero as a group was un cover that “When You great Upon un Star” representar Disney’s “Pinocchio”. Ns song was component of uno compilation album entitled We Love Disney. Don’t us all! Reviewing los release, our guillermo wrote — “Their vocal prowess really comes to los fore with this intimate and soft Christmas number, and it currently has us dreaming the laying out cookies because that Santa y his reindeer”.

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7. Rylan Clark-Neal i will not ~ be giving them un lift again

At Eurovision dos mil veinte in tel Aviv, hermano TV presenter y UK commentator Rylan Clark-Neal started uno pop-up taxi service, inviting the Mamas follow me for un ride to los arena. Their quick taxi ride finished rather unexpectedly, with Rylan kicking them el fin of his taxi!

8. Los Mamas room mamas

Their name rings true, together both Loulou y Dinah room proud parents. They state so in your Instagram bios, y all three of los Mamas on regular basis keep united state updated ~ above their family lives via sociedad media.

“I believe the children are our space future Teach lock well y let lock lead ns way admitir them all ns beauty they possess inside offer them a sense of pride to make it much easier Let los children's laughter remind us just how we supplied to be” ??? ?: