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All about hindsight. Thomas Brodie-Sangster quiet gets known for his role in 2003’s Love Actually, despite building an exceptional résumé gastos generales the last 17 years.

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“I don’t think Love Actually is going to go anywhere. Me gustaría think okay forever be known as ns cute little kid from Love Actually,” los 30-year-old emitir told Mr. Porter in an interview published on Wednesday, February 17. “I nothing mind that, it is fine.”

Brodie-Sangster play Sam, los stepson the Liam Neeson‘s recently widowed character Daniel, in the vacaciones classic. Just 13 at ns time, the Brit stole hearts once his character learned to jugar drums as ns way the impressing his crush Joanna (Olivia Olson). The star-studded movie was among his first major acting credits and the Maze Runner star quickly knew that he’d found un lifelong passion.


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“I hated, hated, hated gift spoken down to in any means or mollycoddled as un child. So, when I’d go on set, everyone would simply treat me together just one more person hired to do a job and I loved that feeling of responsibility,” the told the outlet. “But, me gustaría mean, the must impact how girlfriend develop and grow as un person.”

Working on film sets as ns kid intended that Brodie-Sangster had to behave like a serious adult, however he to be still able to fill his days with fun while off los clock.

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“I could be the jugadores … climate come home and still surround myself with toys y sit for hrs in my room and just play,” that recalled. “That’s how identificación looked at acting: it is just playing around, it’s not that serious; it’s just putting on voices y pretending to it is in someone rather for ns day, which is all me gustaría did at patria with my sister anyway.”

That exact same sense of imagination has retained things exciting for los Nowhere Boy actor while quarantined at patria amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“Sometimes identificación wake up in the morning y I’ll pretend to be various people y characters y my voice sounds various — periodically that’s simply for fun y sometimes it’s intencional — i don’t know,” the said. “Life have the right to sometimes feel make-believe however you make-believe along with it to do it feel much more fun. Sometimes.”

While Love Actually put Brodie-Sangster on the map at very early age, he’s getting another round the buzz for his power in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, which earned two Golden world nominations earlier this month. The jugar reached 62 million family members in its an initial month delaware hitting los streaming communication in October dos mil veinte but its popular still hasn’t collection in.

much more successful than me gustaría think anyone believed it would have actually been,” Brodie-Sangster admitted. “The acting was spot on from everyone. Ns lighting to be gorgeous, ns costumes were spot on, ns sets were amazing, direction and writing, i mean it all just kind of come together. I think it’s really much an ensemble piece in los biggest feeling of the word. So, anyone that’s recognized me representar that so far has simply been like, ‘Really good job. Yeah, you were good in it, but ns whole point was really good."”

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