Tom Walker"s breakthrough individual is based on ns friend the his that was struggling con drug addiction. Tom urges his pal to seek help y he will "leave a light on" if and when he wants to talk about it. If girlfriend look into ns distance, there"s a casa up on the hillGuidin" like un lighthouseTo a place where you"ll be safe to feel our grace"Cause we"ve all made mistakesIf you"ve lost your wayWalker defined to The sun that his girlfriend "was walking through ns really dark time y I wrote ns song come let him recognize that he"s no alone y I was always there for him."
While peatonal knew that Steve vena is a popular songwriter, he to be unaware of los vast degree of his hitmaking resume. That explained: "I didn"t really research who identificación was walking in. Me gustaría was acquiring in with more and more important people and it was actually making me an ext nervous going into un session if i read their wikipedia page. Because it"s like, "Oh my god, me gustaría need to execute today. Me gustaría need to perform really well.; i knew what he to be about, but i didn"t research it in depth."As uno result, walker was not intimidated by working with such a successful collaborator and they penned this song during their an initial session in just 5 or 6 hours.

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The tune was initially released in los UK top top October 13, dos mil diecisiete and at first it was un slow grower in Walker"s aboriginal land. Meanwhile, the was taking off across los English Channel, increasing to los top that France"s singles graph in march 2018. It likewise reached the Top diez in several other European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Germany y Switzerland. "Leave a iluminar On" eventually reached the UK Top cuarenta in might 2018.
The What a hora to be Alive
location was motivated by uno lyric representar the album reduced "Blessings," no Drake y Future"s 2015 collaborative mixtape.

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Cottrell from NigeriaAm uno future singer, and a song writer. For año now, me gustaría wanted to provide up on my dreams on music, but this ur song, title: leaving the light on, keep on inspiring me no to provide up. Identificación so mush love this song.Gary H Iii representar FloridaI am 71 years viejo now and originally desde Detroit. When me gustaría was around 10 years old, our música teacher said, “If you want to know what’s going on around los world, listen to the música of the day.” that sunk in.I an initial heard "Leave a light On" watching so late night tv around uno month ago. From the voice, identificación could hear over there was a heartfelt message. Identificación could not understand the words but, my eye reacted from the voice y it"s unknown message.I saw YouTube y read the lyrics. Thank you to our musical teacher!The last song the hit me like this one to be "Say Something" by ns Great huge World.Thank friend both because that this beautiful, from the love song!Mangekyo Sharingan desde IndiaThis song is rather good. Although i expected a more detailed lyrics interpretation.see much more comments
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