With Netflix poised come release los fifth y final season that Money Heist, we looks at los global activity behind los streamer’s Spanish hit.

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Secondly, it’s around those characters. Ns ensemble cast delivers an excellent performances across los board. Every function is rich, complex, y well-developed. Everyone has actually his or she strengths, weaknesses, y back stories and their emotional journeys resonate deeply. Cuales one is entirely innocent. Friend can’t help yourself desde rooting because that them, even the villains.

And third, Money Heist has style. That is passionate soundtrack has actually captured los ears of the world. Los use that color, particularly la red against darkly written frames, is exquisitely captivating. Money Heist is uno thrilling roller coaster ride that just needs to be experienced.

Enjoy the Until ns Party is Over

The an international following shocked ns cast and crew. Delaware season 1 wrapped, the dando seemed finished. As ns cast watched your social media following grow exponentially (an endure catalogued in Netflix’s documentary, Money Heist: los Phenomenon), castle knew something to be up. Through 2018, Money Heist garnered number of nominations y wins across los European awards circuit and even won the coveted Best jugadas Series at los 46th internacional Emmys.

Consequently, Netflix reassembled ns cast y crew for a second season, this hora with a much larger budget. Also though season 1 was self-contained, los show’s creator Álex Pina dreamed up uno second season, one the was on ns much grander scale, thanks to Netflix’s backing.

The 2nd heist is in 4 parts. That may sound confound because los upcoming season 5 will be break-up into dos parts as well. Season cinco is in reality parts 3 and cuatro of ns second heist historia arc. “Heist 2” is already dieciséis episodes deep and it’s only the halfway point.

For the second heist, ns gang have to reassemble to rescue among their own after Tokyo makes another grievous mistake. Y that rescue hinges top top robbing the bank of Spain. Nuevo gang members join ns survivors of los first robbery, and another much more ruthless adversary, ns pregnant Inspector sierra (Najwa Nimri). Vio is uno more ruthless opponent than Murillo was for los first heist. As soon as it come to the Professor’s psychological chess game, sierra flips los chess tablón upside down. Season tres (Part 1 of the bank of Spain heist) debuted specifically on Netflix in the summer the 2019. Season cuatro (Part 2) was released almost ns year later on in April 2020, and it was seen by sesenta y cinco million households. That’s un million more viewers 보다 watched Tiger King when it ran around the same time.

Realizing they had a bankable hit, Netflix released Money Heist: the Phenomenon. The documentary showcases ns astonishment of the cast and crew together they navigate their new found popularity from a show they believed was done. Ns season dos opening scene, filmed in prior of los historic papa noel Maria después Fiore Cathedral in Florence, Italy, was virtually ruined as soon as rabid fanes rushed ns crew. However, do not respecto Money Heist: the Phenomenon prior to seeing the donar because that drops some significant spoilers.

We space Dali

To hide their identities, los gang wears masks based on los famous Spanish surrealist artist salvador Dali, replete con a red hooded jumpsuit. They force their hostages come wear ns same costume to confuse los police. This Dali mask has come to be a new symbol of internacional rebellion, replacing the chico Fawkes mask from V because that Vendetta on un global scale. Past Comic-Con cosplaying, the Dali mask has been showing up on protestors y in effigies around ns world. Footage representar these real life demonstrations show up in ns show.

Money Heist has had a profound effect on international football (“soccer” for us Yanks). Massive display screens of Dali mask banners appeared at Saudi Arabia fútbol stadiums. At the Karaiskaki Stadium, Greek soccer entusiastas unfurled un huge Dali banner too. After their team won, they rushed the zona wearing Money Heist costumes. Brazilian fútbol superstar Neymar del Silva also makes uno cameo in season tres as uno monk who wryly comments around his disdain because that soccer. Silva claims Money Heist is his favorite show.

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There to be even verdadero life copycat heists. France fell victim to uno shop hold-up and a hotel bolt where the perpetrators wore Dali masks. A 2019 daylight heist of los Mexican Mint was believed to have been motivated by the show. Perhaps the best one was once Justin Bieber’s five-billion-view música video ‘Despacito’ was hacked top top YouTube. The hackers replaced it con an photo of Money Heist in saturado Dali regalia with guns pointing out, add by a call to ‘Free Palestine.’

Consequently, there has actually been part backlash. Cyprus prohibition Dali costumes because that Carnival. Turkish journalists and politicians have actually admonished the show, relenten it together rebel propaganda. Ns Professor explains it best in season 3. “The mask has come to be a symbol throughout ns world that resistance, of indignations, the skepticism. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the it has inspired many people.”

Ironically, Money Heist pilfered Dali’s image. Los Gala-Salvador Dalí structure never offered the show its blessing for los use of ns artist’s likeness. There’s cuales doubt the Dali is rotate in his disgustado for not acquiring paid royalties, however he should appreciate ns surrealism here.

Bella Ciao!

Beyond ns now iconic Dali mask, Money Heist also revived a rebel ballad, the italian protest song bella Ciao. Lindo Ciao way ‘Goodbye Beautiful’ y it was the anthem the anti-fascists the the italian Resistance throughout WWII. Originally around toiling in rice fields under an opening boss, the lyrics advanced to describe the Resistance’s appointment to the cause with their lives. As soon as translated representar Italian, ns lyrics end with “This is los flower of ns partisan who died for freedom.”

The Professor’s grandfather dealt with in the italian resistance therefore he sings it con Berlin, his larger brother, and teaches that to the gang. Ns song is typically reprised throughout los series, many tellingly during los season uno part uno finale end credits. Ns montage that black-and-white clip decrying ns evils the money fades to la red as bella Ciao plays.

Since Money Heist, over a dozen new versions of lindo Ciao have actually climbed ns charts across Europe, with ns Professor’s rendition placing very first in Austria, 2nd in Germany, and in the top twenty in Belgium, France, y Switzerland. It’s been spanned by several EDM DJs like Steve Aoki and Hardwell. Bella Ciao has actually become a common singing at fútbol americano matches, and was heard in ~ the 2019 World Cup. As soon as Open eight rescued ns boatload that fleeing immigrants docked in Lampedusa, the refugees sang bastante Ciao to celebrate their newfound freedom.

The último Times are past Comparison

What might the finale hold? as soon as we último left ns gang, lock were reunited in the banco of Spain y determined to victory ‘the war’ in honor of their latest fallen comrade. However Inspector sierra got ns drop on ns Professor. With a gun to his head, she declared “Checkmate, ellos eran of ns bitch.” Anyone that knows the dando understands that it is volatile y unpredictable so it’s anyone’s guess: v what happens next.

It’s clear that this is los end. When production covering on might 14th, Netflix tweeted “Thank you to all the fanes for being part of La Resistencia! us can’t wait to admitir you just how this historia ends.” However, Netflix is never ever one to kill un goose that lays gold eggs.

Money Heist creator Álex Pina currently launched one more Netflix series, Sky Rojo. Season 1 premiered regreso in March 2021 and season dos is slated because that July. That the historia of three women on the run, somewhat reminiscent that Thelma y Louise, only los threesome space prostitutes. The stylish y sexy, y received some vital acclaim. Yet it has actually nowhere near the impact of Money Heist.

A oriental adaptation that Money Heist is in the works con Kim Hong-sun directing. Cast as los Professor is Yoo Ji Tae, who is many remembered because that his mastermind function in Oldboy, y also had ns part in ns Korean televisión adaptation of The great Wife. Play Tokyo will certainly be Jeon Jong Seo, aka Rachel Jun, uno newcomer with two feature films debajo her belt.


This summer, one immersive occasion “Money Heist: ns Experience” is collection to tour London, Miami, Mexico City, nuevo York, and Paris. Each city will get ns different variation of los experience, adapted to ns venue, y the venues i will not ~ be announced until just prior to ns events open. This is another collaboration between Netflix y Fever, who previously staged “Stranger Things: los Drive into Experience” in ese Angeles.

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Most of ns cast of Money Heist were also engaged con filming the por último season debajo pandemic restrictions to take on any nuevo projects. The especialmente exception the Úrsula Corberó. Corberó is cast as los Baroness in ns upcoming G.I. José Origins film, Snake Eyes.

Money Heist held los title the Netflix’s most watched non-English serie until un French show, ironically additionally about a heist, stole ns crown. Lupin plunder Money Heist of los title in January 2021 racking up setenta y seis million views. Lupin Part 2 debuted on June 11. As soon as Money Heist returns, will certainly it steal regreso Netflix’s many watched non-English serie crown? hope so. Because that Nairobi!