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500 errors usually median that the server has encountered one unexpected condition that impede it from fulfilling los request made by the client. This is uno general cometer un error class went back by un web server when it encounters uno problem in which ns server itself deserve to not be an ext specific about the equivocarse condition in its an answer to ns client.

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In many instances this is no an indication of an actual problem with los server itself however rather a problem with ns information the server has been instructed to accessibility or return as un result of los request. This error is regularly caused through an worry on your website which may require extr review through your la red host.

Please contact your tejido de punto host for further assistance.

Is over there anything that me gustaría can do?

There are uno few common causes for this error code including problems con the separar script that may be executed upon request. Few of these are much easier to spot y correct 보다 others.

File and Directory Ownership

The server you are on runs applications in uno very specific method in most cases. Ns server typically expects files and directories be own by your particular user cPanel user. If you have actually made changes to the file ownership top top your own through SSH you re welcome reset the Owner y Group appropriately.

File and Directory Permissions

The server you space on operation applications in un very specific method in most cases. Ns server typically expects documents such as HTML, Images, and other media to have ns permission setting of 644. The server also expects ns permission setting on directories come be collection to 755 in most cases.

(See ns Section on knowledge Filesystem Permissions.)

Command Syntax Errors in .htaccess file

In los .htaccess file, you might have added lines that are conflicting with each various other or that room not allowed.

If you would choose to check ns specific rule in your .htaccess archivo you can comentario that specific gestión in ns .htaccess by including # to ns beginning of los line. You should always make ns backup that this file before you empezar making changes.

For example, if los .htaccess looks like

DirectoryIndex default.htmlAddType application/x-httpd-php5 php

Then shot something like this

DirectoryIndex default.html#AddType application/x-httpd-php5 php

Note: due to los way in which the server settings are setup you may not use php_value arguments in un .htaccess file.

Exceeded process Limits

It is feasible that this equivocarse is brought about by having too plenty of processes in the server queue for your individual account. Every account on our server may only have 25 simultaneous processes energetic at any punto in hora whether lock are regarded your website or other processes owned by her user such as mail.

ps faux

Or escribe this come view a specific user"s account (be certain to change username with the en la actualidad username):

ps faux |grep username

Once friend have los process id ("pid"), type this come kill los specific procedure (be certain to change pid with the regalo process ID):

kill pid

Your web host will have the ability to advise friend on how to protect against this equivocarse if it is resulted in by procedure limitations. Please call your web host. Be sure to include the steps required to view the 500 error on your site.

Understanding Filesystem Permissions

Symbolic Representation

The first character suggests the file type and is not concerned permissions. Ns remaining nine personalities are in numero 3 sets, each representing ns class that permissions as three characters. Ns first set represents ns user class. Ns second set represents the group class. Ns third set represents the others class.

Each of los three personalities represent los read, write, y execute permissions:

r if analysis is permitted, - if it is not.w if creating is permitted, - if it is not.x if execution is permitted, - if the is not.

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The following are some instances of symbolic notation:

-rwxr-xr-x uno regular archivo whose user class has lleno permissions y whose group y others classes have actually only the read and execute permissions.crw-rw-r-- a character special archivo whose user y group classes have los read y write permissions y whose others course has only the read permission.dr-x------ un directory who user class has read y execute permissions y whose group y others class have alguna permissions.Numeric Representation

Another method for representing permissions is one octal (base-8) notation as shown. This notation is composed of in ~ least numero 3 digits. Every of ns three rightmost number represents un different ingredient of the permissions: user, group, y others.

Each of these digits is los sum that its ingredient bits As uno result, details bits add to los sum as it is stood for by uno numeral:

The read bit adds cuatro to its totalmente (in binary 100),The write little adds dos to its completamente (in binary 010), andThe execute little bit adds 1 to its totalmente (in binary 001).

These values never fabricar ambiguous combinations. Each amount represents un specific collection of permissions. Much more technically, this is an octal depiction of a bit campo – each bit references uno separate permission, y grouping 3 bits in ~ a time in octal synchronizes to grouping this permissions by user, group, y others.

Permission setting 0755

4+2+1=7Read, Write, eXecute4+1=5Read, eXecute4+1=5Read, eXecute

Permission setting 0644

4+2=6Read, Write4Read4Read

The .htaccess file contains directives (instructions) the tell los server how to act in particular scenarios and directly influence how your website functions.

Redirects and rewriting URLs are two very common directives found in un .htaccess file, y many script such together WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento include directives to the .htaccess therefore those scripts can function.

It is feasible that you may need come edit ns .htaccess archivo at part point, for assorted reasons.This section covers exactly how to edit the archivo in cPanel, but not what might need to be changed.(You might need to consult various other articles y resources for that information.)

There are plenty of Ways come Edit un .htaccess FileEdit the archivo on her computer y upload that to ns server vía FTPUse one FTP program"s edit ModeUse SSH y a message editorUse the file Manager in cPanel

The easiest way to edit ns .htaccess archivo for most people is with the archivo Manager in cPanel.

How to modify .htaccess documents in cPanel"s archivo Manager

Before you execute anything, the is said that you back-up your website so that you have the right to revert back to uno previous variation if something goes wrong.

Open the archivo ManagerLog into cPanel.In ns Files section, clic on ns File Manager icon.Check los box forDocument root for y select ns domain surname you wish to access desde the drop-down menu.Make sureShow Hidden files (dotfiles)" is checked.ClickGo. The file Manager will open up in a new tab or window.Look for the .htaccess file in ns list that files. You may need to role to uncover it.To Edit los .htaccess FileRight clic on the .htaccess file y clickCode Edit representar the menu. Alternatively, girlfriend can clic on the icon for ns .htaccess file y then click on ns Code Editor icon at ns top of ns page.A dialogue box may show up asking you about encoding. Simply clickEdit come continue. The editor will open in a new window.Edit the file as needed.ClickSave Changes in the upper appropriate hand corner when done. Los changes will certainly be saved.Test your website come make certain your changes were effectively saved. If not, exactly the cometer un error or revert trasero to the previous version until your site works again.Once complete, you can clickClose come close the file Manager window.

The permissions on a file or directory tell los server exactly how in what ways it should be able to interact with a file or directory.

This section covers just how to edit the archivo permissions in cPanel, however not what may need to be changed.(See los section ~ above what you deserve to do for an ext information.)

There are countless Ways to edit a file PermissionsUse an FTP programUse SSH and a text editorUse the archivo Manager in cPanel

The easiest means to edit archivo permissions because that most civilization is v the file Manager in cPanel.

How come Edit file permissions in cPanel"s archivo Manager

Before you do anything, that is said that you backup your website so that you can revert back to uno previous variation if something walk wrong.

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Open the archivo ManagerLog into cPanel.In ns Files section, click on los File Manager icon.Check ns box forDocument source for and select the domain name you great to access desde the drop-down menu.Make sureShow Hidden documents (dotfiles)" is checked.ClickGo. The archivo Manager will open up in a nuevo tab or window.Look because that the archivo or directory in the list of files. You might need to role to find it.To Edit the PermissionsRight click on ns file or directory and clickChange Permissions desde the menu.A conversation box should appear permitting you to select los correct permissions or use ns numerical value to set ns correct permissions.Edit the archivo permissions together needed.ClickChange Permissions in los lower left hand corner when done. Los changes will be saved.Test your website come make sure your changes were successfully saved. If not, exactly the cometer un error or revert regreso to the previous version until your website works again.Once complete, you deserve to clickClose to close the archivo Manager window.