Originally cut for Sex and Love with ns Cuban reggaetón group todo el mundo de ámbito and Cuban singer Descemer Bueno, a Spanglish version was re-recorded for the United States y Europe industry featuring a guest rap desde Jamaican Dancehall artist Sean Paul.

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An accompanying musical video for los Spanish variation was filmed in the Dominican Republic and directed by Cuban producer Alejandro Perez. Ns lead girl is play by Ana Karla suárez whilst the featured dancers are desde Havana"s Ballet Lizt Alfonso.
Enrique iglesias said throughout the 2014 Billboard Latin Music conference in Miami the he originally wrote los song in dos mil trece with his longtime collaborator Descemer Bueno. The shelved it, however near the fin of ns year, he came across uno version está bien had taped in cubano with Gente después Zona. "I checked out YouTube to discover this song and I said, "Holy s--t, me gustaría wrote it!"" iglesia recalled. "So identificación listened to ns song with Gente del Zona, and I empezar going nuts con them."Bueno recalled during ns same conference: "Enrique y I functioned on the song y kind of left the there. Then i met up with gente De distancia in Havana, and they added the "I wanna be contigo" bridge and the "Oh, oh, oh." That"s the new version Enrique heard. And really, it added y important y energetic aspect to the song."

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Catmandew from Fl, UsaI love the video(s) since Ana Karla sua rojos has to it is in one of the most beautiful females on los planet. The música is great for boosting one"s mood, too.see an ext comments

Rihanna was Pitbull"s very first choice to sing on "Timber," yet she wasn"t obtainable at los time for this reason he enlisted his RCA labelmate Kesha instead.

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The "Highway to Hell" is ns Canning Highway in Australia, which appears to walk on forever, at least according to AC/DC.


Feist"s "1234" is "about shed love, y the hope to recapture what you as soon as had," yet it"s finest known for the Sesame calle version about counting to four.

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Ann Peebles" "I Can"t Stand ns Rain" originated representar a comentario made by ns singer to her husband, atraer Bryant, once they were preparing to head out to ns blues show and it began tipping debajo with rain.

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Phil Collins" "I to let go Again" was originally "I miss You, Babe," y was ns very somber song about his recent divorce. Collins chose to lighten that up y inject some cómic into the song.

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"Are you Gonna walk My Way" through Lenny Kravitz is representar the perspective of Jesus Christ: "I am ns chosen I"m the one."

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Taylor talks around "The Machine" -papposo the hits, los videos y Clive Davis.

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He"s ns singer and an actor, however as ns songwriter pablo helped do Kermit uno cultured frog, turn a banco commercial into a huge hit y made love both "exciting and new" and "soft as an easy chair."

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