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Fate of the Furious: Dwayne Johnson & Vin Diesel Didn't film Together Dwayne Johnson reveals that didn"t película any scenes con Vin Diesel on los Fate of ns Furious, y their partnership is tho shaky.

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Dwayne Johnson has confirmed he y The Fate of ns Furious costar Vin Diesel didn"t shoot any scenes with each other for the sequel. Johnson make his debut in the franchise with Fast Five, playing uno relentless federal agent named Hobbs who was tasked with hunting abajo Dom"s crew. Hobbs included some lot needed fresh blood to los franchise, and the character would go top top to play an important duty in los following tres sequels.

While filming The Fate that the Furious, Johnson required to his Instagram account come complain around an unnamed costar, labelling them ns "candyass" for their onset conduct. That didn"t take largo to learn said candyass belonged come Vin Diesel, and the feud between them to be genuine. Diesel – who also acts as producer on the series – also nixed uno post-credit scene from the movie that set up a potential spinoff featuring Hobbs and Jason Statham"s Deckard Shaw. The spinoff has due to the fact that been confirmed and will hit theaters before the próximo Fast & Furious movie.

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Hobbs and Diesel"s personality Dom only share ns handful of scenes in The Fate that the Furious, which seemed to it is in shot in such un way the neither estrella needed to it is in on set at the same time. Johnson spoke about his feud with his co-star in a nuevo Rolling Stone profile and confirmed castle didn"t in reality shoot together for los movie, stating "That is correct. We were not in any scenes together":

Vin and I had un few discussions, including critical face-to-face in mine trailer. And what identificación came to establish is that we have a radical difference in ideologies on how we strategy moviemaking and collaborating. It took me some time, but I"m grateful for the clarity. Whether we occupational together again or not.

Dwayne Johnson talks Fast ocho Cast Criticism
Johnson walk on to say he to be committed to making the upcoming spinoff ns best it might be, however he doesn"t know if Hobbs will regreso for Fast & más rápido 9:

I"m not quite sure. Right now I"m concentrating ~ above making ns spinoff as an excellent as it have the right to be. But i wish him all ns best, and I harbor alguno ill will there, just because of the clarity us have.

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On the último point, the actor added with un laugh "Actually, you can erase that last part around "no ok will." We"ll just keep that with ns clarity." It shows up that whatever tensions flared up between ns two if filming ns movie haven"t unable to do away, and there"s a chance they might never work together again. Costar Tyrese Gibson made headlines final year calling out Johnson, very first publicly pleading con him not to make los Hobbs spinoff - y thus delay Fast & más rápido 9 - y then threatening to quit ns franchise if Johnson returned. The actor has because declared the feud over.

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For ns moment, Johnson is pressing ahead with los Hobbs/Shaw spinoff. Johnson y Statham shared good chemistry in The Fate Of los Furious, so entusiastas are excited about a pairing between the two activity stars. Fast & más rápido 9 is slated because that a 2020 release, y the main serie is then set to conclude with Fast & furious 10.

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