On Wham!’s “Wake Me Up before You Go-Go”, ns singer indicates just how crazy his love interest provides him feel while likening this thrills to dance and beat sounds. The references the early 20th century term, “Jitterbug” i m sorry later became a generalizado dance in los US.

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The first verse shows how ns writer feels for this reason enthralled by his new found lover, while ns pre-chorus details how he feels rather suspicious at the same hora because of un revelation representar his best friend about this person. Regardless of this look at disturbing news, ns writer go not offer up top top this person. Instead, the tells her to despierta him up and take him follow me to uno dance due to the fact that he doesn’t plan on missing el fin on all los fun con her. If he proceeds to to express his admiration because that this lady, that admits the he might be fooling himself because he can’t merely let her go. Due to the fact that he fears gift left hanging, he repetitively begs this mrs to despierta him up prior to she leaves.


“Wake Me Up before You Go-Go” becomes an international Hit

This was ns first large transatlantic fight by Wham!, ns short-lived duo which nonetheless was one of los most-successful música acts of los 1980s. In truth this song got to number uno on both the UK Singles Chart y US singles chart (Billboard warm 100), in addition to replicating los feat in quite ns few other countries. Additionally it to be certified platinum in los US, UK, Canada y Denmark and triple-platinum in ns land debajo under. Merely put, this Wham! classic is considered one of ns biggest access time of ns 80s.

Songs this successful usually gone to enjoy ns lasting pop mitad presence y endearment con fans. And in this case, some of los television shows and movies which have actually utilized this monitor include ns following:

1998’s “The Wedding Singer” 2000’s “Charlie’s Angels” 2013’s “Glee”

Moreover, also as newly as 2020, Sony musical officially announced that “Wake Me Up prior to You walk Go” had to be streamed in excess of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) times globally.

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List of countries where this standard reached number 1Australia Belgium Canada Iceland Ireland Netherlands NorwaySwedenUnited KingdomUnited states

Song’s Birth

This totality song came around as the result of uno mistyped note. What actually occurred was that Andrew Ridgeley, one fifty percent of Wham!, written a note to his parents. In los note, he to be asking the they despierta him up desde sleep before leaving ns house. However, in writing the note, he accidentally repeated los “up” twice. Owing to this, he decided to on purpose repeat los “go” in ns message double too. In ~ the fin of ns day, his blog post looked favor this: “wake me increase up before you walk go”.

Ridgeley and his bandmate and lead singer of ns group, jorge Michael (1963-2016) found los above so interesting, they chose to make un song fuera of it. And that was how los song’s chorus was born! simply put, uno typographical equivocarse was responsible for offering birth to this standard song.

George michael went on to write y produce “Wake Me Up before You Go-Go”, which to be featured on the pair’s second album, “Make the Big”. The track was officially released as ns project’s lead single on 14 May 1984. Additionally that was the first song which Wham! actually tape-recorded for the album. In all, “Make it Big” was commercially marketed con four singles, consisting of this very song y the celebrated “Careless Whisper“.

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NOTE: Besides ns mistyped note, Ridgeley played alguna role in ns penning the this song. This is the reason he isn’t provided writing credits on ns track. Michael is considered los track’s exclusive writer, for this reason possesses all creating credits.

Music Video

Andy Morahan, a hermano filmographer, directed the música video come this song. On the clip, ns boys proudly wore T-shirts which spelled fuera de “CHOOSE LIFE” in really bold letters. These were put together by un politically-minded fashion designer called Katharine Hamnett. And for ns record she did not intend them to check out as an anti-abortion message, as they room oft interpreted.