The command single desde Pink"s Beautiful Trauma album, "What about Us" finds her addressing ns politicians y decision makers, as she asks ns poignant question, "What around us?" What about all ns times you said you had ns answers?What around us?What around all ns broken happy ever afters?What around us?Pink bemoans the way those in authority have actually let debajo the common people.

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Pink said The sol that she feels good about this song. She explained: "The mundo in visión de conjunto is uno really scary place completamente of beautiful people. Humans are resilient y there"s ns lot of exorbitant – like i said in los song – "billions of beautiful hearts" y there are negative eggs in every group. And they make it really difficult for los rest that us."
The song thrived in acquiring onto los radio playlists contradictory to what Pink"s document label executives predicted. "When me gustaría came back, ns record la empresa sat me down and told me that once you space over 35 and un female popstar, radio more than likely won"t juego you. I"m therefore glad identificación proved castle wrong. It"s nice," los singer stated on the Graham Norton Show.
This to be nominated for finest Pop solo Performance at ns Grammy Awards in 2018, but lost to Ed Sheeran"s "Shape the You."
According to Hudson, the scene in ns video once Pink and her dancers perform ns routine in ns desert to be based on a dream ns singer had.
This was Pink"s 2nd album (following the Truth about Love
) come debut in ~ #1 in ns US. It also smashed her personal record for biggest first-week sales, with 408,000 duplicates sold compared to her previous album"s opened week of 280,000.

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Daniel Odonnell representar Morecambe UkLove “what around us”!! Great correr song as well!! she an awesome distinguible in every feeling AnonymousWhat around us was written before Trump’s presidency so if anything it is around Obama y his broken promises!Mike from UkThere is naught wrong con anything she does. I am of los "older generation" y can tho connect con everything she is trying to say (and con her attitude -papposo does say).Glenn desde the UK —apoyándose need to broaden your horizons and tastes somewhat. She will certainly of course constantly sound los same together its the same person. If she has actually something the works y puts her message across - why readjust it? alguna need come re-invent los wheel mateUnknown me gustaría love pinks personality los song What about Us is one of my favorite songs desde her, she is inspirational come me me gustaría have been v so lot in mine life lots of struggle choose today one of my love ones went stunner on me had no idea the was walk to occur they apologized twice however still identificación know why castle yelled some typical words come my confront is since they were cranky those words that were yelled pains me quite uno bit that going come take hora for me forgive them identificación am provided to obtaining my feelings hurt desde this loved one yet it’s been a while because they have actually yelled average words at my face i am happy they establish what they did to be wrong i still love them cuales matter what Anonymous representar MatayusI really love this song. Me gustaría pray the God will continue giving she wisdom y strength.Gypsy representar Lynden When identificación listen come “What around Us” i think possibly she is questioning God the question RoboShane Newman demands to do much more research together his info is incomplete. Ns song to be released in October dos mil diecisiete whereas tarjeta de triunfo was chosen as ns president in January 2017.Shane Newman from Singer PinkHello singer pink your música help me in my life since ex best frined to be cheats top top mewalk me página de inicio that tune make me feeling an excellent INSDEmy favtore female arist my postin your function modelAnna Phylaxis from NynyThis song came fuera in August dos mil diecisiete and was written before tarjeta de triunfo took office...so during the obama administration. Therefore, this song was not about Trump. When Pink asks ns question "What about us?" she follows con "we don"t desire control, we want to allow go." providing your freedom y "control" to los government and the Nanny state will only cause heartache and deprivation. Ns framers of the Constitution knew that very well, however so many still haven"t figured that out. Again, this was written throughout Obama"s administration. The is ns fact. What one draws desde that truth is their answer to los question "What around us?" Live and learn.Ellie from EssexGlenn representar UK? because that starters don"t be ass, P!nk is one of los most famed singer/songwriters the this generation. Her music reflects on real world issues, y if you don"t choose it don"t comentario as world who review this write-up are genuinely interested in knowing an ext about Pink. Piss off back into her igloo if girlfriend don"t like it y stop shoving her opinion onto various other peopleAntonietta from Barcelona
Glenn from Uk. Me gustaría suppose it"s her opinion that does is not the "absolute truth" yet only a empleado perception of the facts.Glenn desde UkAnother awful song by Pink. Identificación looked up los top rated worst mrs singers of every time. Of food Yoko Ono was at the very top, however there was no sign of Pink. She most absolutely deserved ns place on the list. Every individual one of her songs sounds exactly the same and with absolutely cuales variance. Being creative means that you evolve and develop over a duration of time. Not con Pink. She still has actually that dreary, mind numbing voice. Pink clear is no creative y does not possess ns ability come experiment. Ns iconic Linda Perry (4 no Blondes) made a huge failure in collaborating con Pink. Someone should have actually warned her, "Stay well clear of Pink. She toxic and boring. She murder any kind of song you create for her."see more comments
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