By ns Numbers: billie Eilish’s Number One Album Was miles Ahead Of everyone Else

Eilish’s debut album ‘When us All autumn Asleep, Where execute We Go?’ perfect at Number One on ns Year-End RS doscientos Chart.


It’s not frequently that one artist’s debut album go on to be the most commercially effective album of the year. In fact, the último time it taken place was with cincuenta Cent’s dos mil tres album obtain Rich Or die Tryin’, which the released delaware a series of effective mixtapes. Because then, los Number One spot has actually primarily unable to do to members the music’s top 1 percent — ns Drakes, Taylor Swifts, Ed Sheerans and Adeles.

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But in 2019, teenager billy Eilish shook up the status quo, frequently without elevating her voice above un whisper. Eilish’s debut album, When we All loss Asleep, Where execute We Go?, finishes at Number One on the inaugural year-end Rolling Stone Top doscientos Albums Chart. In spite of its humble root — produced entirely with her brother Finneas in your family’s home in Highland park —When us All autumn Asleep finished los year with 2.5 million enteramente album-equivalent systems in 2019, 400,000 an ext units than any other album.

The majority of ns album’s unit came desde streams, with 2.3 exchange rate on-demand audio streams throughout the year. (Only post Malone’sHollywood’s Bleeding pulled in more.) but Eilish entusiastas were also eager to own her debut in physical type — no album sold an ext vinyl copies in 2019. Eilish shipped el fin close come 113,000 LPs that When we All fall Asleep, Where execute We Go?

The rojo Stone doscientos Albums chart tracks the most popular releases in the United States. Entries room ranked by album units, a number that combines digital and physical album sales, digital track sales, and audio streams using a custom weighting system. The chart walk not include passive listening such as terrestrial radio or digital radio. The year-end Rolling Stone doscientos Albums graph is based on a tracking period representar January 4th, 2019, v January 2nd, 2020.

Ariana Grande’s thank u, next finished 2nd on the year-end RS doscientos chart con 2.1 million album units. Malonecame in 3rd withHollywood’s Bleeding, ns streaming juggernaut that spent five weeks at Number One. However, Malone didn’t release his nuevo album till September, providing thank u, next andWhen we All fall Asleep, Where perform We Go? a months-long cabeza start in ns race to success year-end consumption.

Taylor Swift’s Lover come in 4th on ns year-end tally, moving 2.1 million units, falling simply 30,000 units behind thank u, next. Taylor’s seventh studio album saw ns biggest first-week numbers of the year, debuting con nearly uno million systems in late agosto thanks to ns colossal, old-fashioned album push that had an Amazon Prime día concert, uno bundle because that Capitol One members y deal with Target to sell four different deluxe versions of ns album.

Following Lover are regreso to back Post Malone records: Hollywood’s Bleeding comes in fourth with 2 million units, con his dos mil dieciocho album Beerbongs & Bentleys following with 1.4 million units. Blog post Malone ns only artists to have dos releases in ns year-end optimal Ten and three in ns year-end height 25. Khalid’s sophomore effort Free Spirit come in in ~ Number Six, moving 1.4 million units. Four of los Top five albums of ns year came el fin through Republic Records, y all 5 were put fuera by universal Music Group.

In ns year when many of ns biggest rappers in the game didn’t release an album, the made room in the top diez for hip-hop up-and-comers — ns Boogie Wit da Hoodie’s Hoodie SZN came in in ~ Number Eight con 1.3 million units— as well as two more albums representar 2018: Drake’s double-album Scorpion in seventh, y Travis Scott’s Astroworld in ninth. Ns soundtrack toA estrella Is Born rounded out the height Ten with 1.2 million units.

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Other breakout artists in 2019 include Lil Nas X, who debut EP 7 earned 769,400 units, y Lizzo, whose third studio album Cuz i Love You perfect at Number 17. Charlotte rapper DaBaby introduced two nuevo albums into ns Top cincuenta — Baby on Baby (Number 18) and Kirk (Number 37) — while extrema G’s debut estudio album Die a Legend landing at Number ochenta but was called Number One in Rolling Stone‘s perform of los Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2019.

Top Albums, Vinyl Sales

Who buys records anymore? billie Eilish fanes — Eilish was one of just two modern artist to end up in ns Top Ten on ns year-end vinyl chart, y one of the only two artists come sell more than 100,000 copies of a single record. Taylor Swift entusiastas were likewise eager to get their manos on a Lover LP.

But the best-selling vinyl title are mainly classic piedra albums —Abbey Road, The Dark junto a of the Moon —and compilations that canonical artist (Ultimate Sinatra) or viejo hits (Guardians of the Galaxy: amazing Mix Vol. 1). One exemption was Amy Winehouse’sBack come Black. Winehouse inhabits un middle soil between los golden oldies y contemporary música pop stars, yet Back come Black continues to offer well ~ above vinyl, shipping close to 50,000 systems this year.

below are the top albums of dos mil diecinueve by vinyl sales, according to Alpha Data:

Billie Eilish,When us All autumn Asleep, Where execute We Go?, 112,798 copiesThe Beatles,Abbey Road, 101,024 copiesQueen, Bohemian Rhapsody, 78,600 copiesVarious Artists, Guardians of los Galaxy: amazing Mix Vol. 1, 69,924 copiesTaylor Swift,Lover, 66,702 copiesPink Floyd, The Dark página of ns Moon, 64,018 copiesBob Marley & the Wailers, Legend, 62,325 copiesMichael Jackson,Thriller, 59,553 copiesFrank Sinatra,Ultimate Sinatra, 52,104 copiesAmy Winehouse,Back to Black, 49,231 copies

Top Albums, Streams

The much better an album streamed, ns more most likely it was to land in los upper echelons of los year-end RS 200. So los top diez albums through streams look largely similar, except some crucial differences: Taylor Swift’s Lover y the soundtrack come A star Is Born don’t make los cut. In their ar are two rap albums: Lil Nas X’s 7 — i m sorry benefitted desde “Old town Road,” los year’s biggest solamente —and Juice WRLD’s Death gyeongju for Love.

Post Malone, Hollywood’s Bleeding, 3.17 exchange rate streamsBillie Eilish, When we All loss Asleep, Where do We Go?, 2.36 exchange rate streamsAriana Grande, thank U, Next, 2.22 exchange rate streamsKhalid, Free Spirit, 1.67 billion streamsPost Malone, Beerbongs y Bentleys, 1.62 billion streamsA Boogie wit da Hoodie, Hoodie SZN, 1.61 exchange rate streamsLil Nas X, 7 EP, 1.52 billion streamsDrake, Scorpion, 1.51 billion streamsJuice WRLD, Death gyeongju for Love, 1.47 billion streamsTravis Scott, Astroworld, 1.45 exchange rate streams

Top Albums, physical Sales

Unlike los year-end streaming chart, i beg your pardon was hefty on hip-hop acts, the year-end physical sales afuera chart skews an ext toward pop, con boy bands (Jonas Brothers, Backstreet Boys) and former members of boy bands (Harry Styles) showing up in the Top Ten. Various other standouts are BTS, who marketed multiple collector version of your Map of los Soul: gente EP, and Tool, that offered ns CD parcel of Fear Inoculum with un download that conveniently sold out.

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Taylor Swift, Lover, 1.09 millionBillie Eilish, once We All autumn Asleep, Where carry out We Go?, 594,597Jonas Brothers, happiness Begins, 483,565Harry Styles, Fine Line, 452,500Lady Gaga y Bradley Cooper, A estrella Is Born: Original motion Picture 2018, 437,732BTS,Map of los Soul: Persona, 383,239Post Malone, Hollywood’s Bleeding, 356,994Tool, Fear Inoculum, 344,285Backstreet Boys,DNA, 313,616Ariana Grande, Thank U, Next, 267,586

See the saturado year-end RS 200 Chart here.