Who wants to live forever queen

Adam Lambert y Queen's emotionally rendition of 'Who wants To Live Forever' will provide you goosebumps. Picture: YouTube / Trespasser
Adam Lambert y Queen's poignant performance at ns Isle the Wight reparado came ns day delaware the devastating Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016. No Picture: YouTube / Trespasser
In un Smooth email Coffee Break con Jenni Falconer, Lambert described how hearing the news the next morning do him feeling "really awful". Picture: YouTube / Trespasser

The americano singer revealed los spontaneous decision the group made on ns night delaware the disastrous incident.

"So, sort of in los spur of ns moment, once we obtained to the song, me gustaría dedicated ns meaning of ns song come those people that shed their lives,” Lambert said.

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“So it took on this really poignant type of energy in the moment. It was one of those nights where the song simply sort of captured that feeling."

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He added: “It to be powerful, identificación think."

Alongside Lambert's particularly vocals, Brian May and Roger Taylor gave the festividad a spine-tingling performance of ns Queen classic.

los timeless song was actually composed for the mil novecientos ochenta y seis fantasy-action movie, Highlander. No Picture: Getty

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The timeless track was actually written for the mil novecientos ochenta y seis fantasy-action movie, Highlander.

Brian may penned ns hit after watching ns first reduced of the film, y apparently wrote los famous línea "Who desires to live forever" in ns taxi top top his means home delaware the viewing.

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During los movie the soundtracks los scenes the Connor MacLeod's (Christopher Lambert) mam Heather (Beatie Edney) growing old y dying when he stays forever young.

It was sixth track on the album A sort of Magic and peaked at number veinticuatro in ns UK charts.

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Opening up to Jenni around keeping Freddie Mercury's tradition alive, Lambert said: "Freddie's together an irreplaceable figure. So we celebrate the every night on stage.

"We identify that, especially me to los audience. There's alguno way me gustaría can to compare to this roca god."

Lambert has been performing with the piedra band together lead vocalist because 2011.





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