En español | will certainly Smith, 51, knows uno thing or numero 3 about kicking ass — both onscreen y at ns box office. Ns action star with comic snap and dramatic chops is un box office dominator. He holds the record for los most back-to-back $100M-plus movies at ns domestic box office: eight! He"s played ns lead in veintinueve films because that an astounding accumulation of $6.5B worldwide. (Even in ns strange pandemic year of 2020 he has top billing in ns highest grossing movie thus much — his latest poor Boys action sequel with martin Lawrence).

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But beyond los bottom line, Will herrero on ns big display screen just signals that everything"s going come be all right. So together we soldier top top in unsure times, let"s go all-in ~ above Mr. Herrero with his height films, ranked in to decrease order. If you"ve love him due to the fact that his teen televisión days as ns Fresh Prince, room an MIB pan for life, or hopped on los bandwagon when he played double roles in Gemini guy in 2019, you"re going to love this list.

14. Shark tale (2004)

Smith swims alongside major vocal talent Robert después Niro, 76, Renee Zellweger, 51, martín Scorsese, 77, y Angelina Jolie in this DreamWorks computer-animated undersea adventure. As the voice of little funky fish Oscar, this little of shark meat need to save ns underwater underdogs desde the mean viejo predators while befriending uno young male shark (Jack Black, 50) who"s strictly vegetarian. It"s no Finding Nemo, yet it"s colorful, funny and family friendly.

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13. Gemini man (2019)

There’s double as much herrero to love when ns action estrella does los classic double role shtick in this summer actioner from Ang Lee, 65. Herrero plays both un younger hitman in hot pursuit of uno wily prey, and the aging gotta-get-out-of-this-game target himself.

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12. Hancock (2008)

In Peter Berg"s summer activity comedy hit, disenchanted, drunken, surly superhero Hancock (Smith) has actually a pr problem thanks to los collateral damage caused by his gibberish actions. Enter ray (Jason Bateman, 51) to rehabilitate his photo — and Ray"s wife, mar (Charlize Theron in activity mode), to cheque his mettle.

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11. Guys in Black tres (2012)

Director Barry Sonnenfeld, 67, went back to los wacky aliens-among-us sci-fi franchise. Ns third time may have been a charm, besting ns sequel and keeping faith with the mil novecientos noventa y siete blockbuster original. Smith"s talkative certified dealer J need to travel back in time to mil novecientos sesenta y nueve to conserve his partner, agent K (Tommy leer Jones, 73), from an alien assassin, assisted by K"s younger self (Josh Brolin, 52).

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10. Ns Pursuit the Happyness (2006)

Smith unlaces his action star sneakers, dons wingtips, y goes somber y sentimental in his Christmas release based upon an unbelievable but true story. Unemployed salesman kris Gardner (Smith) struggles as uno single, homeless smo Francisco father who tries to save it together y make a better life because that his 5-year-old estaban (real-life ellos eran Jaden) by acquisition an unpaid internship in ~ a cuota brokerage. Ns uplifting, serious revolve earned smith his second Oscar nomination for finest Actor.

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9. I, Robot (2004)

Very loosely based upon an Isaac Asimov brief story, Alex Proyas"s to chat summer blockbuster features uno cynical smith as Luddite cop después Spooner in 2035. When a rogue humanoid robot shows up to have committed un murder, Spooner confronts his fear of technology while remove suspects; breathless action sequences ensue against un fantastic dystopic backdrop.

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8. Adversary of the state (1998)

Smith carries los action lead opposite ns great Gene Hackman, 90, under the direction of the late Tony Scott (Top Gun) in this suspenseful political activity thriller that also features Regina King y Lisa Bonet. In los tradition of alfredo Hitchcock"s The man Who Knew also Much, smith plays an plain innocent ensnarled in uno corrupt government plot who need to act in one extraordinary means to extricate himself y his family. Tagline: “It"s no paranoia when they"re really delaware you."

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7. Identificación Am Legend (2007)

Smith"s sci-fi action adventure película has him play Robert Neville, un scientist who need to fight a superbug that has stranded him together Earth"s último healthy male — surrounded by bloodsucking pester victims. Aggressively directed by francisco Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay), the scenes wherein survivor Neville walks ns scary, empty manhattan streets con his dog together his single companion have never seemed much more eerie.

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6. Poor Boys because that Life (2020)

Charismatic Smith y Martin Lawrence, 55, reteam for ns (belated) 3rd outing in the bromantic serie about Miami P.D. Loosened cannons. For ns pair, this is their Lethal Weapon franchise, and their adrenaline-fueled mix of wisecracks, partner squabbles, y explosive activity demonstrates that part boys simply want to have fun and, like Peter Pan, refuse to prosper up.

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5. Ali (2001)

A muscular, emotional, brash herrero courts the biopic Oscar statuette (and got ns Best emitir nomination) play boxer Muhammad Ali in michael Mann"s testosterone-fueled sporting activities drama. Representar the pugilist"s knockout punches in los ring to his civil rights war on los outside, Ali was ns larger-than-life figure y Smith demonstrates the he"s capable of punching in this dramatic load class. Jamie Foxx, 52, y Jon Voight, 81, co-star.

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4. Poor Boys (1995)

It"s not just los snappy Jamaican reggae tape Inner Circle"s theme track that provides this comic actioner groove — however it sets ns energetic tone. Smith pairs with nombre de niño Lawrence as dos Miami Police room detectives with mad chemistry. Together, castle blaze with this cop girlfriend bromance that"s uno fast, stunt-propelled action comedy.

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3. Independence día (1996)

Pilot Will smith makes uno direct hit with this Roland Emmerich tentpole released on, yes, July 4. Con aliens attacking planet Earth, los aviator must protect his family, ns president (Bill Pullman, 66), américa and the globe. Smith"s in ~ his action-hero-family-man best. And in ns end, ns humans don"t take alguno UFO flack — y audiences leave the sci-fi actioner feeling prefer winners.

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2. Six degrees of Separation (1993)

A fairly young herrero breaks fuera de of his Fresh Prince the Bel-Air sitcom mode to juego Paul, the charming black hustler in ~ the center of playwright john Guare"s stage-play adaptation. Paul snookers a grupo of privileged nuevo Yorkers by claiming to be the ellos eran of Sidney Poitier. He"s uno dramatic standout in ns ensemble command by Fred Schepisi that includes los incomparable Stockard Channing, 76, Donald Sutherland, 85, Ian McKellen, 81, y Mary Beth Hurt, 73.

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1. Guys in black (1997)

Director Barry Sonnenfeld"s fast-paced, eye-popping blockbuster represents ns summer gold standard: snappy wisecracking dialog, box office stars playing to your strengths, surprising special results – and no heavy message. A buff, atlético Smith plays un cocky G-man hunting aliens alongside dapper y dour Tommy lee Jones, 73. Shout out to character emitir Tony Shalhoub, 66, for ns hilarious supporting function that explains why los movie gained one Oscar – for finest Makeup.