Y La Culpa No Era Mia Ni Donde Estaba Ni Como Vestia Letra

Women and their allies are taking bold procedures towards achieving gender equality in ns workplace. Here’s how they’re relocating us forward.

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Last month, on los International day for los Elimination the Violence versus Women, dozens of ladies gathered outside ns supreme court structure in Santiago, Chile—a nación now beset by extendido uprisings against inequality—for a feminist flash mob.

Organized by a localidades feminist collective, ns performance was title “Un violador dentro de tu camino” (“A rapist in her way”). The song y accompanying dance takes on the patriarchy as the cause both the violence against women y the victim shaming that regularly comes after. “Y la culpa cuales era mía, ni dónde estaba, ni de qué manera vestía,” they sang (“and the fault wasn’t mine, no where identificación was, not how me gustaría dressed”).

The selection of ar wasn’t accidental: Only about 8% of all rapes in Chile fin up with a conviction. Ns chant deliberately addressed ns failure of los justice mechanism to safeguard women. Come double debajo on this, los lyrics of the chant quote un stanza in uno Chilean police anthem, i beg your pardon says, “Sleep calmly, chaste girl/Without concerned about the bandit/For gastos generales your smiling, sweet dreams/watches her loving cop.”

The group, LASTESIS, organized ns previous intervención, together they call los performances, in Valparaíso ~ above Nov. 21. That event was motivated by ns work of renowned Latin american feminist y professor Rita Laura Segato. She thinking, the grupo said, moved them to produce a relámpago mob that would donar rape not just as a crime versus an individual woman, but los expression of a larger sociedad issue.

The protest has because spread outside of Chile. In Mexico City, uno square full of ladies of all ages, some of them blindfolded, joined a ir a buscar flash mob on Nov. 29.

Public performances of los song have likewise been hosted in other cities, including Bogotá, Madrid, Barcelona, London, and Paris.

If you desire to organize los next flash mob, below are ns song’s lyrics, with dance steps annotated. Over there is some room for creativity, too: females in Mexico, because that instance, used ns left arm rather of right; in Paris, ns crowd pumped your fist in los air. So largo as the grupo is coordinated, the bound come be a success. Ns English translate into of los lyrics is at ns bottom.

Un violador dentro de tu camino

A rapist in your method (English translation)

El patriarcado denominada un juez,Que nosotros juzga por nacerY nuestro castigoEs la violencia que alguna ves.

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El patriarcado es un juez,Que nosotros juzga de nacerY nuestro castigoEs la violencia que ya ves.

Es feminicidioImpunidad para los asesinoEs la desapariciónEs la violación

Y la culpa alguna era mía, ni dónde estaba, ni cómo vestíaY la culpa alguna era mía, ni dónde estaba, ni de qué forma vestíaY la culpa alguno era mía, ni dónde estaba, ni de qué manera vestíaY la culpa alguna era mía, ni dónde fue ~ , ni de qué manera vestía

El violador periods túEl violador eres tú

Son der pacosLos juecesEl estadoEl presidente

El continuar ~ opresor denominaciones un macho violadorEl sido opresor denominada un macho violador

El violador periods túEl violador eres tú

Duerme tranquila niña inocente,sin preocuparte del bandolero,que vía tus sueños dulcey sonriente vela tu amante carabinero.

El violador eres túEl violador eres túEl violador eres túEl violador eres tú

The patriarchy is uno judgethat judges us for being bornand our punishmentis ns violence you don’t see.

The patriarchy is un judgethat judges united state for gift bornand our punishmentis the violence that have actually seen.

It’s femicide.Impunity for ns killer.It’s disappearance.It’s rape.

And the fault wasn’t mine, not where identificación was, no how identificación dressedAnd ns fault no mine, not where me gustaría was, no how i dressedAnd los fault wasn’t mine, not where me gustaría was, not how i dressedAnd the fault wasn’t mine, not where me gustaría was, no how identificación dressed

The rapist is you.The rapist is you.

It’s los cops,The judges,The state,The president.

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The oppressive estado is ns rapist.The oppressive state is ns rapist.

The rapist is youThe rapist is you

“Sleep calmly, innocent girlWithout worrying about the bandit,Over your desires smiling and sweet,watches her loving cop.”