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Daddy Yankee with ns eldest daughter, Yamilet.In addition, she additionally received los Academic excelente prize as well. This compensation is usually given to those who had performed well all year round.

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Well, Daddy definitely is un proud papa.

Yamilet Ayala Gonzalez half-siblings are quite active on sociedad media

She is the only organic child of she mom and dad. However, she walk have dos half-siblings, desde her father’s marriage to Mireddys. She has actually one younger sister, Jesaaelys Ayala González, y brother, Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez.
Yankee and his estaban Jeremy.Both of she siblings space quite active on sociedad media. In fact, they have done therefore well that both of lock boast uno substantial amount of followers. When Yamilet’s sister Jesaaelys has over uno million followers on Insta, her brothers has roughly 300k.

Is Yamilet estranged representar her family?

This question has been frequently asked. The only time we ever before saw her con Daddy was during her high college graduation in 2013. Due to the fact that then she has literally vanished representar the scene.

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Moreover, her family members consisting of her step-mom, half-siblings, and her dad have actually not once shared a soltero picture of her. Daddy, whose verdadero name is Ramón nombre de niño Ayala Rodríguez, is exceptionally protective that his family’s privacy so it can be the case behind she disappearance from the windy eye.Regardless, we’ve to be able to find Yamilet’s social media account. Going with her Insta account we experienced that she has actually not shared ns single fotografía with her family member.No matter what is between ns family, every we can hope is that they room on great terms con each other.

Yamilet Ayala Gonzalez: Puberty hit her like un freight train

Although her household members refrain representar sharing imágenes of her, we’ve discovered Yamilet’s social media account, and boy five boy has actually she get an impression up. As of now, she go by the username
yamiletgonzalez.If us compare ns only picture her dad shared trasero in dos mil trece from her graduation day, she looks like a far cry desde her previous self. Take a good look into her account and see for yourself!
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What is Yamilet Gonzalez act now? She functions as a fitness instructor in Florida

At the moment, Yamilet is ns fitness trainer based in Florida. It looks like she relocated to the US state some times after graduating high school.She is into fitness y usually shares imágenes of her working out, be the in-home or at los beach, she never ever stops exercising. This is likewise one of the reasons behind she physical change.Yamilet likewise operates a separate Instagram account,
yumi.body for her profession as a trainer. In this account, she usually uploads motivational quotes y clips of her clients’ progress.

Yamilet is in a relationship: who is her boyfriend?

For the past pair of years, she is date her boyfriend Kamal Hardy. There’s no much details on their relationship but it can be said that their shared interest in fitness could be one of the catalysts.

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Yamilet and her partner, Kamal.Her companion Kamal is a Purdue university alum and also functions as a personal trainer based in del sur Florida. The couple is totally cabeza over heels for one another. Both of castle share quite un lot of pictures together. Desde going ~ above exotic vacations to working fuera de together, ns lovebirds are a true couple.


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