Yazz the only way is up

This was un dance covering of americano Soul singer Otis Clay"s recording representar his mil novecientos ochenta y dos album also titled "The Only method Is Up." the spent cinco weeks at #1 y was los best selling single in ns UK in 1988. In ns US it got to #96.

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Police Dog BluesHugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie, star of los TV admitir House, had a minor struggle in dos mil once with "Police Dog Blues," an viejo Blues song desde 1929.

RelaxFrankie Goes come Hollywood

The Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit "Relax" is, as the band says, around "shagging." It was banned by los BBC, which sent it to #1 in los UK together listeners flocked to document stores to buy it.

AllentownBilly Joel

Billy Joel"s song "Allentown" was created as "Levittown," i m sorry is los town in Long isla where he flourished up. He obtained the opinión to change it delaware taking un trip to Pennsylvania.

piedra The CasbahThe Clash

Barry Sonnenfeld, that would later on direct the movies obtain Shorty and Men in Black, to be the directivo of photography on ns "Rock los Casbah" vídeo for los Clash.

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AlejandroLady Gaga

The songs on lady Gaga"s ns Fame Monster album represent uno "fear" of some "monster." "Alejandro" is she "fear that sex" monster.

(Everything identificación Do) i Do It because that YouBryan Adams

The Bryan Adams song "(Everything me gustaría Do) me gustaría Do It because that You" was virtually rejected for los movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves because it didn"t sound medieval enough.

Women who RockSong writing

Evelyn McDonnell, editor of los book Women who Rock, ~ above why the Supremes are simply as crucial as beto Dylan.

chris Robinson of los Black CrowesSongwriter Interviews

"Great songwriters don"t necessarily have hit songs," claims Chris. He"s written uno bunch, yet his fanes are more interested in the intricate jams.

Little large TownSongwriter Interviews

"When seeds that friend sow grow by the wicked moon/Be sure your sins will discover you out/Your past will hunt girlfriend down and turn come tell top top you."

The fin Of The rock EraSong writing

There are alguna more roca stars rápido the último one died in 1994.

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Songs discussed in MoviesSong composing

Bridesmaids, Reservoir Dogs, Willy Wonka - just uno few of the flicks where personalities discuss details songs, periodically as ns prelude to murder.

let Me Be your Teddy Bear: Teddy Bears y Teddy boys in SongsSong composing

Elvis, tiny Richard y Cheryl cole have all sung about Teddy Bears, yet there is also ns terrifying Teddy tune from mil novecientos treinta y dos and ns touching trucker Teddy tune desde 1976.