Cable Girls (Las chicas de cable) has come to be one of the top Spanish Netflix serie in current years. The period juego is known for its 4 leading women, but another fan-favourite is emitir Yon González, that plays the alluring "Francisco Gomez." Let"s take a look at ns Spanish star"s life prior to fame.

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Cable Girls tells the historia of one empowered group of females working as switchboard operators in 1920s Spain. The Spanish Netflix admitir earned avid entusiastas with its relenten of los women"s battle against ns oppressive system of your time.

But, on top of ns intriguing story, Cable Girls additionally won fanes with fantastic sets, costumes, and, well... Los men. Among them is ns talented Yon Gonzalez, better known to fans as "Francisco Gomez."

Cable Girls: "Francisco" actor Yon Gonzalez"s life prior to fame

Although Yon Gonzalez to be unknown to many viewers before Cable Girls, the was currently quite a popular name in Spain many thanks to his job-related on well-known televisión shows such together El internado (The Boarding School) and Gran Hotel. But let"s find out what the actor did before his climb to fame.

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The currently 34-year-old emitir made his debut in 2006 after moving, at age 20, desde his native Basque país to Madrid. That year, he first appeared in ns youth tv series SMS. Roughly this time, he also worked as un fashion and cover model.


Meanwhile, Gonzalez"s work-related on SMS caught ns attention of hundreds of fans and producers, automatically landing him the role of "Iván Noiret" on El internado—for which he won the ACE compensation for finest New actor and got a Golden Nymph nomination.

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Yon González from Cable Girls: His career today

After his televisión breakthrough, Gonzalez specialized himself to los cinema, with films such as Sex, Parties and Lies, despite he went back to t.v. In dos mil once with Great Reserve and Gran Hotel. Finally, in 2017, he took on the great nuevo project Cable Girls, which established him as one of today"s height Spanish actors. And the remainder is history!


Next, he"ll star as "Hugo Llor" in Los herederos después la tierra, one upcoming Netflix serie set in historical Barcelona. Clic here come learn an ext about los cast the Cable Girls.


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